Web CAD SDK 15 released

Web CAD SDK 15 released

We have released Web CAD SDK 15, a new version of our ASP.NET control to open 2D and 3D files on browsers and other online technologies. This upgrade brings some notable changes aimed at enhancing your work with CAD files. Read on to discover what's new!

3D Improvements

In the latest version of Web CAD SDK, we completely revamped 3D functionality and replaced Open Cascade Technology with our own 3D kernel. This makes us independent of any third-party and allows to respond swiftly to your requests. We have already:

  • speeded up opening of 3D files;
  • improved reading of SAT, STEP, SLDPRT, X_T, X_B, OBJ formats;
  • added support for SLDASM, FSAT, SAB, SMT, IPT, IFC formats;
  • added export to SAT, SAB, STL, OBJ formats;
  • improved export of STEP, DWG, DXF formats.

Redline Mode

Web CAD SDK 15 enables to mark up and annotate 2D drawings. It is possible to add comments, arrows, and polylines. The new entities will be saved on the Markup layer.

Markup tools to review designs

Support for Linux

The new version is compatible with the Linux operating system. For your convenience, we provide a special demo project.

Improved Import of DWG and DXF Formats

  • Speeded up file upload.
  • Improved support for МTexts and Texts.
  • Improved support for Hatches.
  • Improved display of SHX fonts.
  • Improved support for ACIS objects.
  • Improved support for Dimensions and Multileaders.
  • Improved reading of VPort and drawing extents.

Other Improvements

  • Improved snapping.
  • Improved export of DWG and DXF formats:
    • added saving of ACIS objects;
    • improved saving of VPort.
  • Improved display of vector formats (DWF, HPGL, CGM, SVG).
  • Improved export of SVG format:
    • improved export of texts and hatches.
  • Improved export of PDF format:
    • setting enabling to save PDF files in the CMYK color model;
    • saving of layers to PDF.
  • Bug fixes.

Ready to evaluate Web CAD SDK 15? Download its free 45-day trial version:


We will be glad to answer all your questions and help with the upgrade from older versions of Web CAD SDK, just contact us at info@cadsofttools.com.

Best wishes,
CADSoftTools Team
SoftGold Ltd.