ABViewer. Klantbeoordelingen

ABViewer. Klantbeoordelingen

Christian Schweitzer, Germany

We use Autocad but need another application for viewing, printing, etc. this files. Many freeware are good applications but are always some kind of compromise. ABViewer fits perfect our needs in handling these files and using ABViewer is very easy, thanks to the user interface which is similar to autocad. The user was very happy with ABViewer and cancelled testing all other competition products. We need redline, batch plot and measurements and some other functionality. It is always good to see, that the vendor offers also a floating license. This kind of application(s) is always my favourite and will be our first choice. Finally, if the vendor also offers the possibility for an upgrade to the floating license so the order is almost done.

It doesn't happen often in my daily work as system administrator, that users give me positive feedback about software. But ABViewer is one of it.

Christian Schweitzer,
IUP ZT-GesmbH - IT Technik

Dirk Hulstijn, Netherlands

On my search on the internet for a "lean and mean" program to process some DXF drawings, which I had received from a colleague with the question "can you handle this to open and to print this drawings" I found ABViewer. I was looking for a program which wasn't that large and complex and didn't require some skills to work with it

It is quick and is clear and it corporate great with IrfanView.

Dirk Hulstijn,

Tim Kao, USA

We are in the industry where we have a few branch offices located all over the US. Only 2 branch offices out of many have the actual AutoCAD Program installed. So, 2 computers out of probably 60-70 have AutoCAD installed. That leaves a lot of people without the ability to view and print the AutoCAD files created by the other 2 branch offices.

AutoDesk used to have a free VoloView program to view and print the AutoCAD documents, but now they make something else which doesn't work half of the time. They want you to purchase what used to be free! So, we stumbled on to this program, and found that it offers so much more over the previous "free" viewers we have tried (they all have a free trial, and once the trial runs out, that's it!).

So, that's why we want to stick with this one - because we want to stick with the best!

Tim Kao AugustMack,

Vasily Patoka, Russia

Customer: Your ABViewer is a great alternative to professional software for drafting as there is often no need to use all their features and the most frequently and constantly used ones are available in your software.

CADSoftTools: What do you use ABViewer for?

Customer: We use ABViewer to edit drawings, in particular in combination with the measurement tools of your software; to draw the necessary sketches; to cut and copy the needed part of a drawing to other documents and applications; to effect tiled printing of large images by printing them on separate sheets of paper as tiles that can be later arranged to form a single drawing.

CADSoftTools: What file formats do you open in ABViewer?

Customer: We use ABViewer to work with DWG, DXF, CGM and other vector and raster files like TIFF and JPEG etc.

CADSoftTools: Thank you.

The questions on ABViewer were answered by
Vasily Patoka,
Combustion engine test leader,

Stanislav Suhorukov, Russia

I’m one hundred percent happy with the software! It is now extremely easy to print and edit AutoCAD® files. Wall mural printing has never been more convenient! A great product, that’s the way to go!!!

Stanislav Suhorukov

Alexander Kijchenko, Ukraine - Iraq

Fate brought me to Iraq where I have been staying for more than one year and have been working as manager of waterpower equipment assembly of Voith and Elin companies for one of pumping stations. The equipment is unique, there is no representative of these companies onsite, all the technical documents are available only electronically and as you may understand, their formats are various, and so I have to use any available technical means. I had a licensed AutoCAD copy, but my hard disc failed because of the intolerable heat of more than +50 deg. in the shade. Now I am restoring everything little by little. And just imagine how happy I was to find your software on the Internet that helped me out a lot of times. I use a great many of features, I sometimes need to add separate notes and additional footnotes to drawings and work with separate blocks.

Alexander Kijchenko,
Waterpower equipment assembly manager,
OJSC Dnipro-Spetshydroenergomontazh,
Ukraine – Iraq