PDF to DWG conversion on macOS

PDF to DWG conversion on macOS

How to convert PDF to DWG on Mac?

1. CST CAD Navigator installation

Load CST CAD Navigator and run the application. To start your 30-day free trial period, press the Trial period button.

2. Conversion setup

Go to the Settings panel and select PDF conversion settings.

PDF conversion setup

Here you can set the following parameters:

Entities filling: enables to import hatches from a PDF file.

Layers: enables to save the original layers of a PDF file.

Texts: enables to import texts from a PDF file.

Images: enables to import images from a PDF file.

Index color for black: enables to convert the black RGB color (0,0,0) to the index 7 one (in order to make all the elements of a drawing visible when you change the background).

PDF conversion setup
3. PDF file selection

Go to the Tools panel and select PDF Conversion. In the opened window, you need to specify a path to your PDF file.

Tool for PDF conversion

The tool is also available at the starting page of the application and on the Import panel.

4. Trial period limitations

If you use the trial period of CST CAD Navigator, you will have the following info window before the conversion start:

Info window

After reading it, press the Convert button and select a PDF file you need.

To convert without any limitations, you can order a year or lifetime license.

5. Converted file saving

When your PDF file conversion is complete, go to the Export panel, select a file format you need (DWG, DXF, etc.) and click Save.

Converted file saving